Your home loan can be organised in our Port Augusta Office, by email, fax or phone! 

During the initial interview, together, we will determine what your needs are, not only now but also for the future. We will discuss loan products and features and select the most appropriate one for your needs. 


This is the time where we require all the paperwork and will formally apply for a loan with the selected lender. Once we have all the completed paperwork including payslips, financial statements etc, we will lodge the loan with the lender. 

We will also lodge the First Home Owners Grant for you. 

Conditional Approval 

A conditional approval is usually issued by the lender subject to things like - valuation or extra financial information. 

We will organize a valuation of the property for you whether it is a purchase or a refinance if it is required. 

Unconditional Approval 

This means that all the requirements of the lender has been met and the lender has agreed to lend you the money for your purchase or refinance. 


When loan documents arrive, we will check them to ensure they are accurate, and to confirm loan products and interest rates We will then organise a suitable time for us to go through them with you. 

These documents are sent back to the lender once signed, and settlement is arranged between the lender and your conveyancer/solicitor if it is a purchase, or between your existing lender and new lender if it is a refinance.  

Our commitment to you is to guide you through the loan process from start to finish and beyond. 

"I work away in remote areas, with very little phone reception, so when I did make contact with THLO, everything was organised, with only my signature needed"

-- Brad